quale lingua parlavano I SARDI nella Mesopotamia

As a Sardinian indipendent researcher of Sardinian Prehistory and Ancient History, I found that several Sardinian Kings reigned over Mesopotamia! They had Sardinian names and spoke the same language as Sardinian people do nowadays! They used the same verbs and words! Kassite people were Sardinians! Elamite people were too! Sardinian people colonized the entire Fertile Crescent from the northen part of Anatolia where the Sardinian lineage named Pala, colonized the region in front of the Black Sea, perhaps when it still was “a Black Lake”, before 7.5 ky ago!   Assirian people were Sardinians, Hittites were, too! Etc., etc. Babilonia, under Kassites, was named Sardunias (wrongly translated as Kardunias!) and they ruled the country for almost the entire II millennium B.C.   With regard to kings speaking Sardinian language we referred to above, there was one of them named Melisikhu, who had clearly a Sardinian name! He was Kurigalzu’s son (who had a Sardinian name, too)!  In regard to king Melisikhu (of Kassite dinasty, as J.A. Brinkman wrote), some researchers found a “kudurru” (a diorite black stone erected in goddess Nanā’s temple) on which the king, as they say: «[…] is presenting his daughter Khunnubat-Nanā to goddess Nanā, probably on the occasion of her appointment to be priestess»!  BUT the translation and vocalization made by D.J. Wiseman (Assyrology professor at London University) was only a supposition because Mr. Wiseman did not have any knowledge of Sardinian language! As far as I am concerned, I perfectly know that the word “khunnubat” is really composed by the name “kunnu” and the verb “bat”! The first indicates the “female vagina”! The second is a verb, which I better translate like this: “here we have it” because Melisikhu’s daughter was destined NOT to become  A PRIESTESS, but: